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HW Module

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General Description

  • This hardware module captures the digital image of your fingerprint.
  • It is composed of CMOS image sensor, (HB7122B) optical lens with prism and controller IC (CLC-360).
  • CLC-360 contains USB interface.
  • This hardware module can be used as standalone or embedded USB mouse.

Example of image

The example of captured image

The characteristics of CMOS Image Sensor

-398x302 & 400x302 pixels resolution
-8um x 8um square pixels
-High efficiency monochrome photo sensors
-Integrated 8-bit ADC for direct digital output
-Low power 3.3V operation (5V tolerant I/O)
-Integrated pan control and window sizing
-Clock speed up to 15MHz
-Programmable frame rate and synchronous format
-Full function control through standard I2C bus
-Built-in AGC
-48pin CLCC
-Anti-blooming circuit
-Flexible exposure time control
-Integrated on-chip timing and drive control
-1/4? optical format
-4/8 bits output mode enable